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Goodyear Theatre

"Capital Gains"
Episode 3.10 (Feb. 1, 1960)

Rod Taylor starred with Joanne Dru in this half-hour drama that's part of the "Alcoa Theatre" anthology series.

Taylor played Alan Ballister, a TV writer who's left penniless, courtesy of taxes and alimony. He's talked into forming a corporation and selling stock -- in himself -- to raise money.

Ballister makes himself and his stockholders wealthy while he churns out TV fare. Writer's block sends him back into dire financial straits. But his ex-wife has played the stock market shrewdly, to the good fortune of them both.

Stephen Vagg, in "Rod Taylor: An Aussie in Hollywood," praises Rod's performance:

Rod is likeable and enthusiastic as the writer: insecure, snappy and highly susceptible to flattery -- a familiar version of the species. The episode demonstrates Rod's flair for high comedy...