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Marbella (1985)

Rod Taylor plays Bill Anderson in this film -- also known as "Hot Spot" -- set on the Spanish Riviera.

Anderson is an American living in Marbella, a small luxury resort on the southern coast of Spain. While fishing one night, he spots a woman (Britt Ekland) go overboard on a nearby yacht. He dives in and rescues her, but then the yacht deliberately smashes into Anderson's sailboat.

It turns out the damsel in distress is the former mistress of a decadent, evil tycoon. He's the guy who runs over Anderson's sailboat and who's responsible for the mistress going overboard.

Anderson and the woman conspire to plunder the tycoon's fortune, and he enlists a trio of unlikely conspirators to pull off the heist. Treachery and buffoonery ensue as throughout the caper.

There's romance too. First, Rod and Britt, of course. Then, 55-year-old Rod and a bare-breasted 18-year-old (Emma Suarez). Go, Rod!

The highlights of this film are the beautiful scenery and Rod's mah-velous array of outfits. The lowlight? The cheesy '80s soundtrack. This movie is best watched with the sound off and your finger poised on the fast-forward button.






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