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Top Gun (1955)

Rod Taylor plays Lem Sutter in this Western (NOT the Tom Cruise action/aviator movie).

Sterling Hayden starred as Rick Martin, a lone gunslinger who rides back into his hometown (Casper, Wyo.) following the death of his mother. He also has returned to deliver a warning: A band of renegades is poised to raid the town.

Martin's friends are few, however, because he's widely suspected of murder. The town's marshal and innkeeper seem to be on his side, and his old flame is wavering.

Among Martin's other problems is the young, cocky Lem Sutter, whose trigger finger is itchy.

Sutter challenges Martin repeatedly, yearning to outdraw the famed gunslinger and become known as "Top Gun." When he finally gets his chance, of course, Martin finishes out the rest of the movie. Sutter does not.

American Movie Classics' Robert Osborne called this "a nice little Western," and it is -- with a few themes akin to Gary Cooper's "High Noon." 






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