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Sunday in New York (1963)

Rod Taylor plays Mike Mitchell, a sportswriter from Philadelphia, in this charming romantic comedy.

A 1963 review in Variety magazine singled Rod out for praise among an ensemble that includes Jane Fonda, Cliff Roberston and Robert Culp:

Best of the [cast] is Taylor, who delivers a warm, flexible and appealing performance.

Fonda plays Eileen, an innocent young woman who arrives in New York City on a Sunday to visit her brother, Adam (Cliff Robertson), an airline pilot. Eileen's stewing over her sweetheart back in Albany, Russ (Robert Culp). He has been pressuring her to have sex, and she's worried about being the only 22-year-old virgin left in the world.

Adam encourages his sister to resist and assures her that sex is not what all men look for. Of course, that's exactly what Adam is looking for, and he's trying to find a place to spend some time alone with Mona, his girlfriend.

Rod enters the scene when Eileen ventures out into the city and -- literally -- snags him on a city bus, catching her corsage on his coat. After a false start or two, the pair wind up sharing a rowboat in Central Park, get caught in the rain and wind up in bathrobes back at Adam's apartment.

Hilarity ensues when Russ barges in, proposes to Eileen and assumes Mike is Adam. Then Adam arrives and has to pretend he's Mike.

Of course, it's all sorted out in the end, and getting there is great fun.

Although the premise of the movie is a bit quaint these days, solid entertainment like this never goes out of style.

Rod Taylor, Jane Fonda, Jo Morrow, Cliff Robertson


"Sunday in New York" was screened April 13, 2014, during TCM Classic Film Festival.

While introducing the film, Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne joked that he was stunned to see such a full house at 10 o'clock on a Sunday morning.

One of the audience members at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood that morning described the experience in her blog. She also notes that the film screened at the TCM festival was from Britain, and it differs at the end from the U.S. version. The primary difference is that the U.S. version tacks on a narration that makes it clear that Rod and Jane's characters get married.




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